Community defibrillator appeal
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Community defibrillator appeal

Two defibrillators now in place

A magnificent community effort has secured funding for two defibrillators for Halwill parish: one for Halwill Town and one for Halwill Junction.

These state of the art devices will ensure that anyone who has the bad fortune to suffer a heart attack in the local area will be able to receive a rapid life-saving response. Should one need to be used, dial 999 first and the emergency services will tell you where your nearest defibrillator is located, how to unlock it and will then guide anyone through using it, though the machine also provides recorded voice instruction. Clever monitoring technology will not allow them to be used on anyone who does not actually need them.

A magnificent fund-raising effort was spearheaded by the CEP Committee of the Parish Council, led by Peter Hayes.

Special thanks should go to...

The management at Angler's Paradise who have raised a total of £1,600 from their holiday makers.*

Jane Spencer, Karen Edworthy and Michelle Treacy who completed the Ruby run, raising a total of £750 for the defibrillators between them. Money came from as far away as Seattle in the USA.

Halwill Community Market have donated £400 (see details and photo also in the 'Parish News' section).

The Parish Council has pledged £500.

Halwill united churches, £90

Playing Field committee, £250

The Emergency Committee applauds the generosity of all the other many small contributors, too many to mention, who have helped make the purchase possible. 

Ward Councillor, Barry Parsons, officially unveiled the first device at the entrance to the Parish Hall on Gala day 2013, though we all hope that no-one will actually need to use it.

The second device has now been installed in the newly restored phone box in Halwill Town.

*Update, Sept 2014: Anglers Paradise inform us that another defibrillator has been installed outside their reception in Winsford Lane.