A chance to have your say on the development of our village
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A chance to have your say on the development of our village

Halwill Junction Development Plan

In the autumn of 2013, as part of the consultation process for the Northern Devon Local Plan, Halwill Parish was asked for feedback and suggestions in reference to the 'Halwill Junction Draft Development Boundary'.

It's inevitable that houses will need to be built in the Parish in the coming years and this was the opportunity to say where we want—and don't want—them built. It was a real chance to influence future developments within the Parish, as the plan will be used to help decide planning decisions for the next decade or more. Remember; saying we don't want any development is not an option: if we follow that tactic the development of our parish will be decided in Bideford! 

[Update: March 2015. Torridge have now published the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan 2011-2031 which can be downloaded at the right of this page. Halwill can be found at section 13.136]

The following 'Vision' document was presented for consideration and to provoke discussion. Although not finalised, a copy of this draft (October 2013) was sent to Torridge DC.

A Vision for Halwill Junction.

To be a strong village community which has a proud sense of history and purpose; which is largely self sufficient and which is an attractive place to live, to work in and to visit.

The Plan envisaged will aim to:

  • Retain the character and improve the quality of the built environment.

  • Limit the overall scale of housing development whilst addressing any need for affordable homes both to buy and rent.

  • Ensure all new houses provide enough space for garden and amenity areas to enable vegetable and fruit growing and to provide play areas for young children.

  • Allow building only where workable cycling and pedestrian links exist, or can be provided, away from the main road.

  • Limit any retail developments to those servicing just the parish and immediately surrounding villages, avoiding attracting vehicles from further afield.

  • Encourage tourism developments. In line with the limits of what can be supported by the existing infrastructure.

  • Improve and extend green spaces and make them more accessible for the benefit of all age groups. Encourage sporting and other physical activities by linking them with pedestrian/cycling routes.

  • Promote healthy and active lifestyles and a sense of community for the parish and surrounding parishes by supporting wide-ranging social activities for all ages.

  • Improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Where possible this should be by providing new routes away from the main road.

  • Encourage the use of more sustainable transport.

  • Support the current high-quality education and healthcare provision, sufficient for the predicted population.

  • Ensure car parking is adequate for the needs of the village, although it should not restrict passage along the main road. The speed of through-traffic should be controlled.

  • Promote Halwill Junction as a place for locals to visit and to enjoy and encourage its development as a local sports hub.

  • Ultimately, provide a direct route between the two halves of the village (Halwill Junction and Halwill Town) with a cycling and pedestrian route away from traffic.

The Plan will be designed to benefit all the village residents from the young to the elderly.

It will endeavour to build in sustainability, protect the countryside and wildlife habitat and take positive actions to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

A discussion document prepared by John Russell, Vice Chair, Halwill Parish Council, in consultation with other councillors. October 2013.

We are now looking for parishioners who are interested in being members of a 'Vision Group' who will help guide development in future years, whether it's housing, sports facilities, children's play area or other infrastructure aspects of the parish. Those interested should approach the Parish Clerk or any of the Parish Councillors whose contact details can be found on the right of this page, or by clicking here: Council Contacts