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April 2013

Tonight we learnt about Margery Fish and her garden at East Lambrook Manor in Somerset.

Anne Russell gave the presentation and attempted to show how the statement below was justified.

"In the development of gardening in the second half of the twentieth century no garden has yet had greater effect." John Sales, National Trust 1980.

She illustrated her talk with photos taken on visits to Margery Fish's garden at East Lambrook Manor.

"The most striking feature at East Lambrook is that every inch of space has been used to create a garden that is filled with vibrant colours throughout the year.  The garden starts drawing visitors in February for its snowdrop displays; and throughout the spring and summer months, the planting has been carefully chosen to provide colour and interest whenever you visit, starting with drifts of spring bulbs in March and April and wonderful full cottage borders in May and June. There is always something in bloom and it is the abundance of the planting that will strike you, because there are no patches of dark earth to be seen anywhere. You'll certainly leave here with many new ideas for your own garden!"