The Parish Hall's New Access Path
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The Parish Hall's New Access Path

New Access Path linking Halwill Parish Hall to the Playing Field

Halwill Parish Council is engaged in an ambitious program to enhance, expand and extend the facilities and to develop Halwill as a 'sports hub' for the benefit of all the residents of Halwill and surrounding Parishes and Hamlets. As part of the Parish Council's vision for the village, the car-park was extended and resurfaced in May 2012. A widened and extended flight of access steps ('The Jubilee Steps') from the car park directly to the lower level of the hall and the playing field was completed in June 2012. The Jubilee extension to the Hall to provide a large general-use meeting room for clubs and societies, with facilities for the children's 'Scallywags' pre-school group, was opened in November 2012.

The Parish Council has long recognised the need for a gently sloping wheelchair and push-chair-friendly tarmac path to allow easy movement between the car park level; the picnic area seating; the snooker room—with patio area—and proposed sports changing facilities level; and the children's play area and sports pitch level.

Now, with the help of the Parish Hall Committee—and the fund-raising expertise of the Chair, Pennie Channing—funding for this project was achieved and work completed by Gala Day 2013, when Ward Councillor Barry Parsons cut the ribbon (see the photos under 'Gala Day 2013' in 'Parish News').

A new floodlight has since been erected near the top of the slide to light the access path at night. It's triggered by sensors and comes on when anyone starts to walk along the path starting from either the top or bottom.

We would like to thank the following charities and organisations for their generous contributions.

  1. Balsdon Trust provided £5000,
  2. Norman Family Trust £500
  3. Community Council of Devon £6100
  4. Torridge District Council. £6100

From request, through concept, fund-raising to realisation, this project has been a fine example of what a positive attitude and co-operation can achieve for the parish—even in times of economic depression—without needing to raise money from our precept.

So what's next? ...How about a link path between the Parish Hall car park and the school, together with a new multi-use games area (MUGA). Watch this space!