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Korean Martial Arts

Dragon Taekwondo Academy


a martial arts centre of excellence 2013&2015

This Korean martial arts academy was established in 2008 by Niall Grange, 7th Dan Chung do Kwan Taekwondo instructor and 4th Dan Hosin-Hapkido (Self-defence) teacher with 35 years of experience in martial arts. The students at Dragon Academy range in age from 8 years to their 60s, proving that martial arts crosses the age divide and is for all.

The classes are on Sunday mornings 11.00 to 12.30 and Tuesdays 18.30 to 20.00 at Parish Hall in Halwill Junction.

This Academy is a full member of Cobra Martial Arts Association and associate member of UK Chung Do Kwan

Dragon academy has evolved into a very popular family club, with parents training alongside their offspring. This is of course a great way to encourage children (and parents) to develop an active approach to life. It is also the clubs chief instructor's philosophy, as his 3 grown up children continue to train and teach martial arts.

The training is hard and at times quite technical, but never overbearing. A key element of the club is learning a very worthwhile life skill and martial discipline, helping with physical and mental wellbeing while having fun.

As this academy is not run as a business it offers FIRST MONTH FREE

For more information contact Niall Grange

Telephone: 01409 221458. Email. niall.grange@btinternet.com