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2015 Meetings

January 2015

Speaker Dr Trevor May

Smugglers & Smuggling

 for more information on the subject go to .......

An enjoyable and informative talk about Smuggling around Britain.

Wednesday 11th February 2015

Speaker Andrew Thompson

"The Ice Man"

Andrew entertained us with his slide show and talk about the finding of an ancient traveller frozen in the mountains for thousands of years.
A reconstruction of the Iceman

Wednesday 11th March

Speaker George Williams

A Walk around Britain's Coastline (with humour!)

We heard the first of George's epic journey around the British Isles with his dog - he got to Blyth on this visit. We heard about the odd places he ended up sleeping in and of the 'kindness of strangers' - cups of tea, sandwiches, baths, bottles of milk etc. An enjoyable evening. Look out for the next date in this continuing journey.

Wednesday 8th April

A trip to explore

Exeter's Underground Passages

"Dating from 14th century, these medieval passages under Exeter High Street are a unique ancient monument: no similar system of passages can be explored by the public elsewhere in Britain."

Wednesday 13th May

John Howell - Photography

John takes photos for the National Trust and RHS Rosemoor, see more of his work on