The Telephone Kiosk
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The Telephone Kiosk

The newly-restored telephone kiosk for Halwill Town, housing a community defibrillator.

In 2011 your Parish Council resolved to buy the dilapidated and unsightly telephone kiosk in Halwill Town. The kiosk was bought under a scheme whereby BT sold kiosks deemed surplus to requirements for £1.

In 2012 the CEP recommended that both Halwill Junction and Halwill Town should have a public-access defibrillator. This kick started your parish council's plan decision to restore the telephone kiosk and use it as a home for one of the defibrillators. A key proviso—and a reason the work has taken a while—was that the project should be funded using grants, rather than from the precept. This meant that some fund-raising, and waiting for the right opportunities, was required. People involved in the restoration have all been local and have given their time for free. In particular Mike Stone of Turville Farm, Kate Harman and John Lawlor of the Old School House should be commended for their outstanding effort.

As you will see from the photo, a grant also enabled us to purchase a very heavy stone trough that has been placed alongside the box, and this will be planted and maintained by the Halwill Garden Club, to which the Parish Council gives their thanks on behalf of the community.

So, it was a magnificent community effort that raised the money for the defibrillators and restored the kiosk to its former glory.

Community defibrillator appeal