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Farmers - check your equipment..!!

Farmers – check your equipment..!!!

Due to some recent rural thefts, we are currently warning farm and land owners to secure their property and keep machinery and vehicles locked when not in use.

Farm machinery and equipment, especially Quad-bikes, have been targeted recently, but power tools and other equipment can also be attractive if left unattended and insecure. We are advising farmers to follow a few simple steps to avoid this happening to them.

Farmhouses are often in isolated locations and can be vulnerable to crime if not properly secured. Remember to protect your farm at all times and regularly check fences and hedges to identify any weak spots that might provide access to criminals or vehicles.

Other top tips to remember:

  • Lock or immobilise vehicles and equipment when not in use. Remove keys from cars, tractors and other vehicles left unattended.
  • Avoid leaving machinery in isolated locations or fields, particularly near roads where they can be removed without attracting attention.
  • When not in use, lock doors to barns and outbuildings at all times.
  • Install security lighting / CCTV around yards, outbuildings and isolated locations.
  • Consider improving security for your diesel tank and fertiliser.

We also advise farmers and rural property owners to visibly mark tools and machinery to act as a deterrent to thieves and help return stolen items to owners if it is recovered. Here at Holsworthy Station, we offer Security marking for Power tools, Quad-bikes, Tractors in the way of engraving. If you wish us to come and visit your property, then please contact us on 101 (non-emergency number). Owners should also keep a list of tools together with serial numbers and identifying marks.

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