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Planning Applications

Halwill Parish Council depends on members of the public alerting the clerk or councillors to issues relating to applications, so that a considered recommendation can be submitted to Torridge District Council's Planning Department.

Halwill Parish Council (HPC) is informed by Torridge District Council (TDC) about all planning applications in our parish and surrounding areas. HPC has a planning group and meetings are sometimes held to discuss proposed developments.

Whilst parish councils do not have the power to approve or refuse planning permission, their opinions and recommendations form an important part of the ultimate decision making process applied by Torridge District Council.

Halwill Parish Council always tries to respond to notices from Torridge District Council informing us of planning applications within the Parish Boundary. HPC's written responses typically fall into three categories: 1) recommendation to approve; 2) no opinion; and 3) recommendation to reject. A recommendation to approve or reject is only submitted to TDC after, A) councillors have received evidence from members of the public and/or councillors who have raised any issues with HPC; and B) HPC has discussed the matter at a Parish Council Meeting. A response of 'no opinion' is submitted if neither individual councillors nor members of the public have made HPC aware of any issues regarding the application.

HPC is usually given no more than 3 to 4 weeks to submit a response to TDC's planners and—as parish councillors are unpaid and parish councils have severely limited funds to spend on research—HPC has to act quickly and with, quite possibly, incomplete information. Should evidence emerge subsequent to our first discussions and response, we are always prepared to reconsider our decision and submit an updated recommendation. But clearly—for the reasons already outlined—this depends on information being brought to councillors' attention.

Torridge District Council Planning officers can only consider comments from the public or Parish Councils which are based on planning law. It comes a surprise to many that issues such as devaluing property or ruining a view are not planning issues and cannot form the basis of an objection. 

The link on the right on 'Planning Comment Guidelines' gives an excellent summary of what can, and cannot, be considered when supporting or objecting to an application. >

Click here to go to the Planning section of Torridge District Council where you can view details of planning applications for the Parish.

If you know the planning reference—it will look something like '1/0621/2010/FUL'—then enter that in the box called 'Planning Reference' and click 'Search'. Otherwise, select 'Halwill' in the Parish list and again click 'Search'.